I first played the original The Sims™ game not long after its launch and began to add many of the Expansion Packs (EP's) and Stuff Packs (SP's) as they became available. Like many of us, I found a lot of enjoyment with the game and the funny side of an alternative and vicarious life of a Sim.

During a difficult period of my life, The Sims 2™ came and went without my involvement as I no longer had a PC that was powerful enough to play it with any sort of stability or smoothness. So I abandoned the game and never looked back again until long after The Sims 3™ had launched.

It was not until late July 2013 that I finally conceded to give in and buy The Sims 3™, knowing that I no longer had to suffer through having an outdated PC to play it on.

I was immediately familiar with the game controls and concepts and became absolutely amazed at the creative side of the game with building Lots.

My first ever Lot in The Sims 3™ was this house: Colonial Studio Homestead.
It is a Studio Villa built like an old Australian Colonial home with an elevated all-around verandah, but set on a 45° aspect angle to the block.
But the interesting element of this Lot was not what you could see above ground, but what was hidden below ground and only accessible via a hidden spiral staircase in the center of the pool. Literally, a Sim would go for a swim to enter the underground where several levels down lay a four bedroom party house with huge Bar and live entertainment area;  games room and collectibles showrooms.

I was so amazed that The Sims 3™ game was able to make my vision come to life and actually make visiting Sims know that they had to swim to get to the underground.

My second ever build was this Community Lot: Maverick's Poolside Bar
I had always wanted to make a giant maze, but the game made it possible to have it as a Pool. I used the same idea of a secret underground entrance, but visitors would need to negotiate a maze to get in or out. As you can see, I made it too long and several Townie Sims died trying to leave the Poolside Bar in the early hours of the morning when they were too tired to make it out of the maze alive.

But this Lot gave me the opportunity to explore more innovative building techniques such as clear glass walls for the Pool and several other unusual building techniques.

In early September 2013, I began to write scripting for my first Illustrated Story: Long Way From Home.
Made entirely from narration and straight dialogue rather than story telling like a classical novel. I wanted LWFH to read like an episode from Star Trek™
I used a couple of Sims I created myself, but the far majority of the starring cast were sourced and credited from well known Creators of Sims from the worldwide Simming community. Later, many of these Sims Creators became my friends and I'm grateful for the connection that LWFH gave that brought us together.

In late March 2014 I had the privilege to publish my first Sim on a website with the help of Margeh75 (Sims Addictions), who was one of the new friends I made through LWFH. And through that website I was able to publish two other Sims and a Lot before the website closed permanently.

I was then encouraged to create my own Blog and that is where this website came to exist.

Since then, I've grown more as a Creator and have explored many new techniques such as Tray Ceilings....

Trenched Roofs.....

Triple-story ceilings.....

Pyramid Roofing....
(Which may well have been done before, but I have never seen or heard of it, but created this from scratch without any influence or tutorial).

Sunken Floors....

and Elevated Expanses.

Along the way I have discovered the HQ Graphic Modification to the standard Electronic Arts® GraphicsRule File. But I have modified it further to make my own customized UHQ Mod (suited to my own PC specifications).

In December 2014, I've released my first ever Sim for The Sims 4™: Sydney Martin.
Although she is heavily influenced by third party Custom Content, she has a long way to go before she will ever look better than any Sim I've already created with the more highly refined and developed The Sims 3™ game with the UHQ Mod.


My Origin I.D name will be shown as rosenero10 on any creations I make for The Sims 4™. It is correct, although it bares no reference to my real name, Thomas J Chee. It has been my Origin I.D name since December 2012, however I am not known throughout The Sims Community by this name. Please note that you may follow me, but I do not play the game enough to send you gifts in The Sims 3™. I also never share any of my work to any official The Sims™ Communities or Galleries. If you should see any of my work shared to the community then it is plagiarized and not endorsed. I also never add anyone as a friend on my Origin Account.


I believe anyone can create Sims or Lots. But obviously, some will have better ideas or greater experience and knowledge than others about producing an end result. Naturally, some others have better eye for detail and artistic flair.
I don't think I have the same eye for detail as world-class Creators like Pralinesims, but I do a good enough job to be happy with what I create.

I fully support Creators of Custom Content and do more than most in giving credit for their work back to them by crediting and naming them and their work in great detail on each page of my new creations.

Now that The Sims 4™ does not allow the attachment of Custom Content to be embedded into the shared files of a Lot or Sim, then I will list every Creator of Custom Content and provide full weblink to the web page where you can find each item required to make the creation look as it does in the screenshots.

I do not condone piracy or plagiarism of any kind. That goes for the game itself as much as any Custom Content or any Sim or Lot. Like I have said: Anyone can create. So why steal?

Plagiarists will be reported to any overseeing Administrators and their actions spread across over two hundred forums not only on the official The Sims™ Forums but also on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and vk.com in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Russian and Slovakian speaking communities. Some of the biggest names in The Sims™ Community are also my friends and their support in these matters will also multiply the exposure of people guilty of such plagiarism. So be respectful and never steal or reupload any creation. It is never ever worth it.


TheReds Studio will always continue to use advertisment-free download servers for your convenience.

My creations take a long time to build and just as long to catalogue Custom Content; compose screenshots and publish everything to this website. However, I will never concede to make money from what I do by diverting my Followers through Adfly or any other advertisment spamming servers to download my creations. I just do not believe any money I could possibly make is worth the trouble if you were to click a link that was not what you thought it would be and were taken to accepting a download of a trojan or adware.

Your safety on the internet is always in my best interests.

Currently, TheReds Studio is using MediaFire as a download server for it's worldwide acceptability and speed. MediaFire in itself does not have subscription or "Premium User" requirements in order to download. All weblinks I provide go directly to the MediaFire weblink where downloading is a simple case of clicking "Download"


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"About The Creator" has been written to give you an insight into my background and the standards I keep in order to bring my best work to you. The above page is subject to change or revision where I see fit without notification. However the principles and standards I have set on advertisment-free downloading and separately on plagiarism will never change.

Enjoy this great game of The Sims™
It is there for your enjoyment and there to be shared with all due respects.

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