TS3 Sim: Danika

This is Danika!

Danika is a Slavic mercenary, famed as a gun for hire. Her charming looks will get her in the door of any establishment, but it is her athleticism and martial arts skill that place her into position to get her shot and her target.


☼ Screenshots by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

All Screenshots have been taken within The Sims 3 game and have not been modified in any way with photo editing software. A customised UHQ Modification to the games graphical settings has been used to reconfigure the game to perform above the standard settings.

TS3 Sim: DANIKA by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Culture: Slavic
Traits: Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Disciplined, Handy
Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection



☼ Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow N2 by S-Club
☼ Eyeliner: Eyemazing Eyeliner by Pralinesims
☼ Blush: No Makeup Blush by Pralinesims
☼ Lipstick: Kiss Me Softly by Margeh75
☼ Eyes: Eyes No. 18 by Shojo Angel
☼ Skin: F&M 2.0B HQ by S-Club
☼ Hair: Shell Hair by Alesso
☼ Eyebrows: Diva Eyebrows by Pralinesims
☼ Eyelashes: 3D Art Eyelashes III by S-Club

Please note: No further downloads required for Danika to appear with full Custom Content as seen in the screenshots above.


☼ Lace Couture Top by Circa
☼ Sequined Posh Jeans by Harmonia
☼ Snake Jewellery Earrings, Necklace & Braclets by S-Club
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Dual Hardballer Hand Guns by CloudwalkerNZ
☼ Stella Boots by Altea127

☼ Embroidery Neck Satin Sheath Dress by NataliS
☼ Leaves N10 Earrings by S-Club
☼ Svitlans Pearls Necklace & Bracelet by Ladesire
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Madlen Vercelli Shoes by MJ95

☼ Embroidered Lace Dress by Ekinege
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims

☼ #391 Athletic Top & #407 Flirty Fitness Pants by Lore @ Lorandia Sims
☼ Gothic Jewellry N16 Rose Stud Earrings by S-Club
☼ Wide Hoop Bracelet by NatalieS
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Combat Boots by Jennisims

☼ Bikini Set 134 by Harmonia
☼ Swan Crystal N7 Earrings by S-Club
☼ Wide Hoop Bracelet by NataliS
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims

☼ V-Neck Sweater Dress by Ekinege
☼ Snake Jewellery Earrings, Necklace by S-Club
☼ Double French Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Quality Tights Full by Simsimay
☼ Combat Boots by Jennisims

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Sim. Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.


☼ The Sims 3 Game by Electronic Arts

This Sim has been created without the use of any Sims 3 Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs.
Some traits and the Lifetime Wish set for the Sim are only available with selected Expansion Packs. If you do not have the required EP for any particular trait or the Lifetime Wish, then The Sims 3 game will drop it and leave it blank.


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