Are you new to downloading and installing Custom Content, Sims or Lots?

Need a little extra help on how to do it?

Then read on, this is for you!


The Sims 3 game has many different types of content or objects used throughout the game. These come in the form of hair; makeup, costumes; clothing; accessories; and shoes for Sims. They also come as content for Lots such as furniture; fixtures; building products, just to name a few.

All this content can be acquired from clever and creative people who spend huge amounts of time to bring such content to you. The design team at Maxis / Electronic Arts (EA) who created The Sims 3 have facilitated a way to allow such Custom Content (commonly referred to as CC) to be easily added to your game. And they have done that using two main methods. I will cover just one of those methods since that is all that is important with downloading and using my Sims and Lots.

The first way is by a file type called a sim3pack file. The sim3pack file is the type EA and I use to bring my Sim and Lot creations to you. Quite simply, the sim3pack file contains all the content as described above and packed together in a single file so that you can easily incorporate that into your game.

EA uses this same file type for any content they distribute through The Sims 3 Exchange.

Here's where it gets easy!


Simply follow the Links on my Blogger to get to the Page your interested in. After reading carefully through the description of the Sim or Lot you are then ready to download.

Click the download icon: 
A new Window should open in your Internet Browser and take you to Mediafire which is where the download is kept in storage for you.

Simply click the green colored bar to download the file.
You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to download the file.

Now at this point you have two options:
  1. Open the file with The Sims 3 Launcher Starter Application.
  2. Save the sim3pack file to a Folder on your Hard Drive.
If you're complete novice then you may choose to go with option 1. First make sure The Sims 3 game is NOT already running. However it is okay if the Launcher is running, just not the game itself. Select the first option in the Download Window and click OK.

If you're a bit more experienced and would like to keep the sim3pack file saved somewhere safe for future reference, then you can choose option 2. With this option, you will need to know where your Internet Browser saves anything it downloads. Select the second option in the Download Window and click OK.

After a short time, the file will finish downloading.

If you've gone with the first option, then everything is automatic from here. The Sims 3 Launcher Starter Application will then download and install the sim3pack file and let you know when it is successful.

If you have gone with the second option, then your Internet Browser has a Folder which will contain the sim3pack file you have just downloaded. You will need to navigate to that location and cut and paste the file to a place you want to keep it stored.First make sure The Sims 3 game is NOT already running. However it is okay if the Launcher is running, just not the game itself.
The sim3pack file itself can now be double-clicked and the Launcher will automatically install the content and prompt you when it is successful.

And that is it! Your game is now ready and you will find the Sim or Lot in your game.

Sims: You will find in Create A Sim (CAS). Be sure to have noted the gender and age of the Sim so that you can find it under the correct category in CAS

Lots: You will find in Edit Town or Create A World (CAW). Be sure to have noted the Lot type (Community or Residential) so that you can find it in the correct category in Edit Town or CAW.
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