TS3 Lot: Mini Modern


Set upon a 25 x 25 Grid Lot, Mini Modern is a small but well featured house that will suit the modern career minded single or couple. It's big on entertainment with large indoor areas for wining, dining and even dancing.

This picture shows the Trenched Rooftop which houses lighting for a special visual effect at night.

This is a view of the Pond in the front yard. It is meant to be stocked with rare fish, so only try to catch them if your a highly skilled fisherman :)

The Entrance and Sitting Area:
Highly polished flooring throughout the house brings a level of old school charm and elegance to this modern home. Never more personified than by the timeless elegance that is Audrey Hepburn. A showpiece that adorns the entry to the home.

Tray Ceilings are featured throughout this home. Enjoy the view and the feeling of wider open space.

The Kitchen & Dining Area:
A Modern look and feel to everything with this fully appointed Kitchen complete with food!
Plus a high-set table and bar stools, my personal favorite for the modern dining experience for the smart and up and coming young business leader or the charming new celebrity.

The Bar Area:
Adjoins the Dining Area and Entertainment Areas. Featuring the beautiful artwork of the Rivelata Eleganza Collection by Devirose.
Sim Model: Margie Alessi by Thomas J Chee

The Main Bathroom:
Again, more appeal here with a little simplicity.
You can swap out the bench if you think it's out of place or leave it in for something different :D
Modern Brass Relief Wall Art by Ziggy28 is featured here and again, adds something different and seemingly out of place. But that is the beauty of Mini Modern.

The Guest Bedroom:
Your family and guests will enjoy their stay in this well featured bedroom.

The Main Bedroom Ensuite:
Enjoy the opulence as you bath in an open plan Spa Bath like the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. And afterwards find the luxury of twin grooming stations. Adjoining lavatory with Bidet.

 The Main Bedroom:
Gorgeous, well appointed Bedroom with all the comforts.

Adjoining Sitting Area inside for reading or chatting with that someone special.

Or you can move outside to an open air private area with Water Feature, Bonsai and Cherry Blossom Tree, offering a peaceful and tranquil way to unwind.

Double Garage:
Two elite Supercars by Pagani and McLaren come with the house.

Floor Plan

MINI MODERN by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

TS3 Lot: Mini Modern
Lot Size: 25x25
Style: Modern
Floors: Single level, low-set.
Bedrooms: Two large.
Bathrooms: Two
Features: Trenched Roof, Tray Ceilings, Curved Glass Covering (Front), Double Garage with Pagani and McLaren Supercars, Pond.
Furnished: Yes


Far too many to mention here when it comes to making a Lot. But I will try :)

☼ Wall Art: Devirose, Ziggy28, KT07, Jomsims.
Kitchen Sets by Simcredible
Entrance & Sitting Area by 4Sims
Mode Light Panels by Apple
White Cream Wardrobe by Flovv
Glass Stone Partition by Severinka
Plants in Stone by Severinka
Guardgian Corner Chairs by Jindann
Beds by Simcredible
Curved Screen PC by 4Sims
2014 McLaren P1 Supercar by Fresh Prince
2013 Pagani Hyuara Supercar by Understretch Imagination
Patterns and Rugs by Devirose
Windows by Canelline and Mutske
Arch & Doors by Mutske
Glass Tile Sets by Lisa86
LED Lighting by DOT
White Fence by Lunasims
Souris Grandauvent by Khany Sims
Toilet and Bidet by Buffsumm
Shower, Sinks & Bathroom Accessories by Simcredible

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Lot. Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.

Some items have been used from The Sims 3 Expansion Packs. You will need:

☼ Late Night (Bar)
☼ World Adventures (Bookcase)

☼ Seasons (Bathroom Mirrors, Front Gate)

☼ Showtime (TV)
☼ Island Paradise (Hot Tub, Garage Door)
☼ Into The Future (Ceiling Light)


☼ The Sims 3
☼ Late Night EP
☼ World Adventures EP
☼ Seasons EP
☼ Showtime EP
☼ Island Paradise EP
☼ Into The Future EP


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