TS3 Lot: The Chinese Pavilion

This is The Chinese Pavilion!

The Chinese Pavilion was just my third The Sims 3™ Lot I had ever built back in October 2013. It is easily recognised from a scene in Act II of my first Illustrated Story, Long Way From Home. It is my pleasure to release this to the public for the very first time.
Set upon a 50x50 block, The Chinese Pavilion brings a fusion of the beautiful ancient Chinese culture with a touch of modern conveniences and technologies.

The entrance draws you over the peaceful waters of a Chinese Lilly Pond complete with resident Koi and other rare fish.

Lilly Lanterns celebrate an evening of festivities and great fortune for the future.

The Golden Lions stand guard at each entrance and ward away the evil spirits from entering.

Once inside, you're greeted by an open plan entertainment area.

There is all the modern conveniences of a full kitchen and adjoining Bar.
More of the open plan aspect of this home transports you to world where freedom of space is generous as it is opulent. This Dining Area opens out towards the rear of the property with its open traditional archways making for an almost door-less access into the home as well as inside the home.

No home is complete without a Study Nook. This area is situated close to the Bedroom Retreat and comes furnished in a fusion of classic with the modern.

The Bedroom Retreat offers a gorgeous pillared bed and all-round Chinese furnishings and decor. An enclosed entertainment area makes a place to unwind within the privacy of your very own retreat.

The foot of the bed opens out onto the side of the property where deck chairs await and a beautiful bench which sits under the shade of a large tree by the Pond.

The Ensuite Bathroom brings more modern conveniences to this classic home.  The double-windowed outlook keeps the room in theme with the openness of this very special build.

In the rear corner of the property lies a Martial Arts Training Area that comes complete with a sparring post. In this picture we can see Nia who is in training for her upcoming role in The Blazing Angel Chronicles.

Where is a home if it is not complete with a Wet Bar and Pool?
All alone or with your life partner, The Chinese Pavilion is a celebration of the ancient art of China in a modern world. Enjoy the feel and the wide open spaces that freedom of expression brings.


☼ Screenshots by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

All Screenshots have been taken within The Sims 3 game and have not been modified in any way with photo editing software. A customised HQ Modification to the games graphical settings has been used to reconfigure the game to perform above the standard settings.


TS3 Lot: THE CHINESE PAVILION by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014
Type: Residential Lot
Lot Size: 50x50
Style: Classical Chinese & Modern fusion.
Floors: Single floor
Features: Open Plan design; Single Main Bedroom with Ensuite and Entertainment Area; Study Nook; Large Kitchen, Bar, Dining and Lounge Area with adjoining Bathroom. Wet Bar and Pool Area. Martial Arts Training Area.
Furnished: Yes



Furnishing Objects:

☼ Glass Tiles by Lisa86
☼ Pool Lamps by matomibotaki
☼ Noel Candles Collection by Mutske
☼ Curved OLED TV by 4Sims
☼ Curved Monitor PC by 4Sims
☼ Evening Falls Plant by Simcredible Designs
☼ Macau Decor by Mutske
☼ Modern Flower Rug by Devirose
☼ Carpet Brown Collection by Devirose
☼ Tacticum Bathroom Set - Shower by Simcredible


☼ Grey Dream Pattern by Devirose
☼ Loft Wood Pattern by Devirose
☼ Elegant Brick Pattern by Devirose

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Lot.

Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.

☼ The Sims 3™ Game by Electronic Arts®
☼ World Adventures™ Expansion Pack
☼ High End Loft Stuff™ Pack
☼ Late Night™ Expansion Pack
☼ Fast Lane™ Stuff Pack

This Lot requires content from several of The Sims 3™ Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs. If you do not have all these packs then the Lot will not appear as it does in the screenshots and the game will substitute the missing content with another object.


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