TS3 Sim: Sarafina the Shieldmaiden

This is Sarafina!
Sarafina, Shieldmaiden of Avalon. Servant of The Lady of the Lake.


☼ Screenshots by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio)

All Screenshots have been taken within The Sims 3™ game and have not been modified in any way with photo editing software. A customised UHQ Modification to the games graphical settings has been used to reconfigure the game to perform above the standard settings.

Sarafina the Shieldmaiden by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio) c.2016
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Culture: Scandinavian
Traits: Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Disciplined, Equestrian.
Lifetime Wish: The Fairy Tale Finder.

Sarafina is a fictional character from the fantasy book series,
Forever Avalon by Mark Piggott and adapted and created for The Sims 3™ game by Thomas J Chee. Any similarities between this creation and any other Sim creation, fictional character (other than that stated previously) or any person, living or deceased is purely coincidental.



☼ Eyeshadow: Midnight Star by Pralinesims
☼ Eyeliner: Pure by Pralinesims
☼ Blush: Rose Delight by Pralinesims
☼ Lipstick: Rose Lip Glaze by Pralinesims
☼ Eyes: Eyes No. 18 v.1 by Shojo Angel
☼ Skin: SBS v2.0 B by Klavix
☼ Hair: 041 by Skysims (Everyday)
    Hair: J046 Aphrodite by Newsea (Formal)

    Hair: J183 Titanium by Newsea (Sleepwear, Outerwear)    Hair: Blohm by Alesso (Athletic)    Hair: YU016 Viking by Newsea (Swimwear)
☼ Eyebrows: Soft Expression by Pralinesims
☼ Eyelashes: 3D Art III by S-Club

Please note: In my Vanilla Game tests of the Sim, I found all Custom Content to be present. Even the skin and eyelashes (which are CC used from Package File Format). In the past this kind of CC has often gone missing from the Sims3Pack file.
In order to be safe and assured that the skin and eyelashes are present, you may wish to download those Package files first and place them in your Mods Folder. Please also note that my game is patched to the latest version.


☼ Valkr's Helmet by M1ss Duo
☼ Warrior Princess N2 by Altea127

☼ Unicorn Pendant by Helen Sims
☼ Rebellion Sword by Severinka
☼ La Vogue Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Winter Fur Boots by Ms Blue

☼ Warrior Princess N2 by Altea127
☼ Unicorn Pendant by Helen Sims
☼ La Vogue Nails by Pralinesims
☼ Winter Fur Boots by Ms Blue

☼ EA Default Base Game Sleepwear
☼ La Vogue Nails by Pralinesims

☼ Sheer Crop Top with Bikini by Ms Blue
☼ Tiny Ripped Jeans by Gwen
☼ La Vogue Nails by Pralinesims☼ Devil May Cry Boots by Capital Sims

☼ JPSet5 Metalic Bikini Top by Juttaponath
☼ Chanel Metalic Bikini by Harmonia

☼ V-Neck Sweater Dress by Ekinege
☼ Winter Fur Boots by Ms Blue

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Sim. Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.


☼ The Sims 3 Game by Electronic Arts®

This Sim has been created without the use of any The Sims 3™ Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs.
Some traits and the Lifetime Wish set for the Sim are only available with selected Expansion Packs. If you do not have the required EP for any particular trait or the Lifetime Wish, then The Sims 3™ game will drop it and leave it blank.


☼ My game is patched to version
☼ You are free to use the contents of the download for general game play.
☼ Use of this content is not permissible for any commercial use either for profit or non-profit.
☼ Please do not make your own weblinks for my creations that go directly to the download server. Please make your weblink back to this page, here on my Blog.

☼ By clicking the download weblink for this content and downloading the file, you are accepting the terms above and agree to abide by them.


Please be respectful and do not modify, upload and claim any part of my work as your own. That action will be regarded as theft and plagiarism. Those who steal shall be reported to Administrators and named publicly as their actions are widely promoted on the official The Sims™ Community and across every available Fan Group and Forum on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and VK in all languages as English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Russian communities. This is a first and final warning.

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