TS4 Sim: Fifi (A tribute to Jomsims Creations)

This is Fifi!

A tribute to Jomsims Creations

The Sims Resource: http://thesimsresource.com/artists/jomsims

All clothing and most Accessories and Shoes used in this creation are created by Jomsims Creations. Full links are supplied for you to download these directly from Jomsims.

Everyday 1

Everyday 2

Formal 1

Formal 2

Athletic 1

Athletic 2

Sleep 1

Sleep 2

Party 1

Party 2

Party 3

Swimwear 1


☼ Screenshots by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio)

All Screenshots have been taken within The Sims 4™ game and have not been modified in any way with photo editing software. A customised UHQ Modification to the games graphical settings has been used to reconfigure the game to perform above the standard settings.

The Sims 4™ Sim: FIFI by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2016
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Culture: French
Traits: Muser, Creative, Bookworm, Loner.
Aspirations: Bestselling Author

Fifi is a fictional character created by Thomas J Chee. Any similarities between this creation and any other Sim creation, fictional character or any person, living or deceased is purely coincidental.

The Origin I.D name will be shown as rosenero10. It is correct and bares no reference to my real name, Thomas J Chee. Although it has been my Origin I.D name since December 2012, I am not known throughout The Sims Community by this name. All my creations from The Sims 4™ will bare this Author name tag.


☼ The Sims 4™ Game by Electronic Arts®
☼ Custom Content as listed below.

This Sim has been created without the use of any The Sims 4™ Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs.


☼ Unpack the contents of the .zip file and place the five files (excluding the Read Me document and the any PNG images) into your Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray folder.
☼ Use the weblinks below to download the Custom Content for the Sim. If you do not do this, then the Sim will not appear as it does in the sample pictures.


TheReds Studio does not include all of the Custom Content required for this Sim in the download listed at the bottom. Like all TS4 Sims, I have left it available for you to follow the links below and download them yourself from the CC Creator. Artists deserve your support. And you will find that the full download for the CC will be available when you follow the links on each individual CC listed below.

Hair: Anto - Surrender Hair (Everyday 1,2, Athletic 1,2) 
Hair: Nightcrawler - Da Bomb (Formal 1,2)
Hair: Nightcrawler - Milady Hair (Sleep 1,2)
Hair: Nightcrawler - Galaxy Hair (Party 1)
Hair: Nightcrawler - Sugar Hair (Party 2,3)
Hair: Anto (Alesso) - Quantum Hair (Swimwear)
Skin Tone: Ms Blue - Skin Tone v3
Skin Texture: Ms Blue - Luna Skin
Eyebrows: Pralinesims - Eyebrows N52
Eyes: Pralinesims - Moonlight Eyes N03
Eyelashes: S-Club - 3D Eyelashes v2
Eyeshadow: S-Club WM N04
Eyeliner: S-Club WM - Eyeliner N02
Lipstick: Pralinesims - Vanilla Lip Nectre Light N02
Nails: Pinkzombiecupcake - Coffee Lust and Silver Pearls Nails (Everyday 1,2, Formal 1,2, Athletic 2, Sleep 2, Party 3, Swimwear)
Nails: Pinkzombiecupcake - Chocolate Nails Collection (Athletic 1, Sleep 1, Party 1,2)


Please note that Jomsims Creations does not have individual Pages for each creation so each CC listed below is linked to the download for each item, rather than to a Web Page specific for each Custom Content (CC).
TheReds Studio recommends that you visit Jomsims Creations with the two links provided at the top of this Page.

Jomsims - Taoumi Earrings (Everyday 1,2)
Jomsims - Taoumi Necklace (Everyday 1,2)
Jomsims - Taoumi Bracelet (Everyday 1,2)
Jomsims - Versace Collection 2: Dress 3 (Everyday 1)
Jomsims - Versace Leather Dress (Everyday 2)
Jomsims - High Heels Leather Straps (Everyday 1,2)

Jomsims - Juwayria Earrings (Formal 1)
Jomsims - Chanel Earrings (Formal 2)
Jomsims - Evalina Necklace (Formal 1)
Jomsims - Chanel Necklace (Formal 2)
Jomsims - Luxus Dual Bracelets (Formal 1)
Jomsims - Fusiance Bracelet (Formal 2)
Jomsims - Single Fine Multi Bracelets (Formal 2)
Jomsims - Luxus Dual Rings (Formal 1, Formal 2)
Jomsims - Valentino Metallic Déesse Dress (Formal 1)
Jomsims - Black Sens Dress Collection (Formal 2)
Birba32 - Elegance Stockings Set 03 (Formal 1)
Jomsims - Louboutin Inspiration High Heel Shoes (Formal 1,2)

Jomsims - Fusiance Earrings (Athletic 1,2)
Jomsims - Chanel Watch (Athletic 1)
Jomsims - Adidas Outfit (Athletic 1)
Jomsims - Judy Sport (Athletic 2)
Pinkzombiecupcakes - Winter Beanies (Athletic 1.2)
Madlen - Sergio Sneakers (Athletic 1,2)

Jomsims - Lace Sensations Choker (Sleep 1,2)
Jomsims - Chimera Lingerie (Sleep 1)
Jomsims - Les Dessous Chics (Sleep 2)

Jomsims - Pemba Earrings (Party 1,2,3)
Jomsims - Krabia Necklace (Party 1,2,3)
Jomsims - Dual Fine Multi Bracelets (Party 1,2,3)
Jomsims - Luxus Dual Rings (Party 1,2,3)
Jomsims - Versace Gold Dress (Party 1)
Jomsims - Misfitz Body Suit (Party 2)
Jomsims - Bodysuit Creations 1 (Party 3)
Jomsims - Revista High Heel Shoes (Party 1,2,3)

Jomsims - Luxurium Earrings
Jomsims - Strass Bikini


☼ You are free to use the contents of the download for general game play.
☼ Use of this content is not permissible for any commercial use either for profit or non-profit.
☼ Please do not make your own weblinks for my creations that go directly to the download server. Please make your weblink back to my blog at http://thomasjchee.blogspot.com.au
☼ By clicking the download weblink for this content and downloading the file, you are accepting the terms above and agree to abide by them.


Please be respectful and do not modify, upload and claim any part of my work as your own. That action will be regarded as theft and plagiarism. Those who steal shall be reported to Administrators and named publicly as their actions are widely promoted on the official The Sims™ Community and across every available Fan Group and Forum on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and VK in all languages as English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish and Russian communities. This is a first and final warning.


Zip Compressed File: 3.37MB

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