☼ Screenshots by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

All Screenshots have been taken within The Sims 3™ game and have not been modified in any way with photo editing software. A customised UHQ Modification to the games graphical settings has been used to reconfigure the game to perform above the standard settings.


TS3 Lot: Vista Celestial by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014
Type: Residential Lot
Lot Size: 25x15
Style: Modern
Floors: Three levels (stair well) + Single level living
Features: All-glass on three sides with Skylights.
Furnished: Yes


Structural Objects:

☼ Structures by Luna
☼ Tokyo Windows by Mutske 

☼ Perfect Fit Windows by Mutske 
☼ Lismore Villa Columns by Simcredible Designs
☼ Glass Tiles Set by Lisa 86

☼ Fusion Spiral Stairs by Gosik
☼ Luxury Brown Doors by Devirose
☼ Glass Floor by xXiNightXx
☼ Mirrored Floor by Murano
☼ LED Puck Lighting by Dot
☼ Contempo Ceiling Lighting by Gosik
☼ Invisible Blocker by Pinecat

Furnishing Objects:

☼ Nexoria Bathroom Toilet Set, Deco Table, Shelves, Mirror and Rug by BuffSumm
☼ Jacques Bath Counter & Sink by Simcredible Designs
☼ Elayne Bathtub by Nynaeve Design
☼ Tacitum Mirrors & Vases by Simcredible Designs
☼ Bath Towels by Severinka
White Cream Wardrobe by Flovv
☼ Fashion Bags by Ladesire
☼ Glass Desk and Ghost Chair by ShinoKCR
☼ Extreme!! PC by 4Sims
☼ Fairmont Bedroom Nightstands by Living Dead Girl
☼ White Paradise Double Bed by Ung999s
☼ Table Lamp Sweetness Asian by Jomsims

☼ Variation Living Television and Mirror by Jomsims

☼ Guardgian Dining Table and Chairs by Jomsims
☼ Evening Falls Sofa by Simcredible
☼ Christmas Fir Tree and Lights by Severinka
☼ Midnight Blue Rug by Devirose
☼ Plants in Stone by Severinka
☼ Modern Vases by 4Sims☼ XI Wang Colocasia Plants by Nynaeve Design
☼ Devi Modern Living Plant by Jomsims
☼ Seafoam Plants by Simcredible Designs
Treselle Drinks, Lamp and Plant by Simcredible Designs 
Macau Vase Roses by Mutske
☼ Gelata Kitchen Set by Simcredible Designs
☼ Kitchen Crispy Decor by ShinoKCR

☼ Portofino Cooker Hood by ShinoKCR
☼ Modern Bright Bar Stools by Deeiutza
☼ Christmas Set III NY2014 by Severinka
☼ Pillar Candle Set by Mutske

☼ Ferrari F40 by Understretch Imagination
☼ Aston Martin Vanquish by Fresh Prince

☼ Asia Magic Time Paintings by Devirose
☼ Dandelion Collection by Devirose
☼ Bamboo & Blossoms Painting by Ziggy28
☼ Livingroom Meridea Picture Set by BuffSumm

The Sims3Pack file in this download contains all of the required Custom Content as seen in the pictures. However I recommend and encourage you to visit the website of all the Creators of the CC listed above and download them individually. The content included in this creation represents only part of the full Custom Content in its various options as provided by the original CC Creators through their websites.

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Lot. Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.


☼ The Sims 3™ Game by Electronic Arts®
☼ OMSP by Granthes

OMSP can be downloaded for free from the popular website for custom content, "Mod The Sims". Free Membership and registration required to access the download.
Instructions available on the website on how to extract and install to your game.


OMSP is an optional component of this Lot. It is used in the placement of the Table Lamps in the Bedroom.
If you do not have OMSP in your Mods Folder of your Game Directory, then the game will incorrectly place the objects that have dependencies upon it and the Lot will not appear as it does in the sample photos shown above.


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