Thomas J Chee (TheReds) Gets a Website Banner!

Hello friends,

Just a quick message to let you all know I've made several updates to my Blogger.

The first you'll note is that the right hand side now has a small box for those who don't have a Google Account, but would like to be kept informed through Facebook. The link there is to my public page on Facebook. Membership is not required, but if you are a member of Facebook you can click "Like" and keep up to date in your News Feed.

Secondly, there's a new section for those of you with your own Creator's website or blog who would like to feature my banner on your site. The link takes you to a page where you can get details for the HTML Javascript required to create the banner.

The third thing you'll see is a Banner Section for CC Websites who are my top referrers.

And finally just below that is a Banner Section for my recommended sites.

If you are friends with me and would like your banner featured here, then please drop me a message here or in Facebook.

Thanks so much for visiting and being a part of this great Sims journey!

:) Thomas