DOWNLOAD MILESTONE: BLAZING ANGEL - over 300 downloads and counting....

BLAZING ANGEL has hit over 300 downloads today and is the first TS3 creation for me to do so with only my Blog Links back to this Blogger and without any exposure on The Sims 3 Exchange or The Sims Resource.
It's not a huge amount for most of my Creator friends, but it is a milestone for me and I have you to thank for making her so popular.

SIM: BLAZING ANGEL can be found here.


Beautiful in every way !!! Her features are perfect, she's perfect. Wonderful work !!!
Thomas J Chee said…
Thanks again, Sherri! Looks like you're having quite a time with my Blog today. ♥
Blazing Angel has proven so popular with the public that I've committed her to her own Illustrated Story that will be published in Acts (chapters) before the year is up.