TS3 Lot: Ocean Waves Cruiser

This is Ocean Waves Cruiser!
House Boat

 The Flybridge Level host the center console and a birds eye view of all around you.

Relax on the rear deck in comfort.

 All round glass gives the Deck Cabin a gorgeous vista to behold.
 A full kitchen on the Deck Level.

The Lower Deck area.

 The Rivelata Eleganza Collection Paintings adorn the Lower Deck Bedroom.

 Enjoy the extra luxury of a Bidet.

Mini Shower and bathroom Ensuite adjoins the Lower Deck retreat.

TS3 Lot: OCEAN WAVES CRUISER by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014
Type: House Boat
Lot Size: Curved Bow 12x8
Style: Ultra Modern
Floors: Lower Deck, Deck Level, Flybridge.
Features: Artistic architectural design.
Furnished: Yes


Structural Objects:

☼ Structures by Luna
☼ Upper Canopy by Souris at Khany Sims
☼ Invisible Blocker by Pinecat
☼ Fusion Spiral Stairs by Gosik
☼ LED Puck Lighting by DOT
☼ Glass Tiles by Lisa86
☼ Mirror Floors by Murano

Furnishing Objects:

☼ Guardigan Corner Dining Suite by Jindann
☼ Gelata Kitchen Set - Freestanding Cooker and Refridgerator by Simcredible
☼ Modern Bright Barstool by Deeiutza

☼ Devi Deck Lounges by Jomsims
☼ Modern Living Lounge Set by 4Sims
☼ Caramello Rug by Devirose
☼ Xi Wang Potted Plant by Nynaeve Design
☼ Noel Candles Collection by Mutske
☼ Chinese Mountain Scene by Ziggy28

☼ Curved OLED TV by 4Sims
☼ Dandelion Collection Paintings by Devirose

☼ Sea Foam Bed by Simcredible
☼ Table Lamp Sweetness Asian by Jomsims
☼ Modern Flower Rug by Devirose
☼ Rivelata Eleganza Collection Paintings by Devirose
☼ White Cream Wardrobe by Flovv

☼ Nexoria Bathroom Set - Mirror, Toilet and Bidet by BuffSumm
☼ Tacticum Bathroom Set - Shower, Sink and Counter by Simcredible
☼ Donne Al Sole Collection Paintings by Devirose

☼ Grey Dream Patterns by Devirose
☼ Loft Wood Patterns by Devirose
☼ Japanese Pattern by 4Sims

Thank you to all CC creators out there and especially those whose work I have included in my Lot.

Without you, none of us would be able to make what we do.


☼ The Sims 3 Game by Electronic Arts
☼ Island Paradise Expansion Pack (purely for access to "Ports" which are the wharves or docks that the houseboat is moored at)

This Lot is base game compatible and has been created without the use of any content from The Sims 3 Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs.


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PopulationSims said…
This looks absolutely amazing, you did an incredible job!!!
Thomas J Chee said…
Thanks so much dear :) ♥
Lucky Lucky Sims, this is beautiful and now my simmies are gonna be happy !!!! superior work !!!
Thomas J Chee said…
I love that you like it so much, Sherri :) You'll have to throw up some screenshots of your Sims enjoying the cruise around Isla Paradiso.